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Michigan Mavens

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Michigan CrossFitters, Brad and Melanie came in today to join us for a WOD!

** Note: Remember this Saturday is the Beach WOD at 9am. Please let us know you’re coming so I can bring your weight.

Workout of the Day:

With a continuous 26 min clock

1 Min Max Deadlift
1 Min Rest

2 Min Max Clean and Jerk
1 Min Rest

3 Min Max Muscle Ups (Bar MUs, or Chest to Bar Pull-ups)
1 Min Rest

* Round 1 Weight: 185#, 125#, WT to Get 5-8 Clean and Jerk

* Round 2 Weight: 155#, 105#, Take Off 15%

* Round 3 Weight: 135#, 95#, Take Off Another 15%