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Middle School Handstand

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. 5×3 Hang Power Clean
B. Front Squat 4×4@80% (last set go for max reps)
C1. Single Arm Carry x50m (alternate arms each set)
C2. Tuck up x15 (hold in tuck position for 10sec last rep) or HSPUx5-10 Reps
x6 Sets


A. 7×1 Squat Clean at 80-90%
B. 5RM Back Squat, Build Up
C. EMOMx15

5 Rounds of:
Min 1: 7 Back Squat From a Rack (70% of 5RM)
Min 2: 20 GHDSU
Min 3: Shuttle Sprint for Time (2x: 10m out and back, 15m out and back)