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Monday, August 5th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. 3 Sets

BB Rear Rack Reverse Lunge x 8 Reps each Leg
rest 30
50m Single Arm Front Rack KB Carry
rest 30
DB Curl x 12 Reps (supinate on concentric, pronate on the eccentric”

“B. 3-5 timed Rounds

21/15 Cal Row
10 Burpees

*rest 90sec
*record all times”

5AM, 10AM, 530PM Max Effor Lower Conjugate
“500m row @1;45/2:05

Standing Hip Cars x 2 ea way
Knee Cars x 60sec ea
2 Rounds
GHD Hip Extension x 15
Knee Hug Lunge + Twist x 3 ea”
“Find 20 Rep Max Back Squat

“EMOM x 15-18
Min 1- Bike 12/10 Cal
Min 2- Front Rack KB Lunge x 10
Min 3- wtd Sit Up x 10-15”
2min UB DeadBug