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Monday, July 8th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. 3 Sets

Dball (on Chest) Standing Split Squat x 8 ea leg
rest 30sec
Walking Plank W/Sliders x 10m (forward + Backward)
rest 30sec
DB Front Raise x 15 Reps


300m Run
10 Pull Ups
5 Power Clean 135/95

*rest 90sec


200m Run
10 Pull Ups
5 power Clean

Rest 90sec


100m Run
10 Pull Ups
5 power Clean”

5AM, 10AM, 530PM Max Effor Lower Conjugate
“500m row @1;45/2:05

Standing Hip Cars x 2 ea way
2 rounds
Dorsiflexion Lift offs x 3 ea
Seated Leg Extension with KB x 8 ea
90/90 Rear Leg Lift Off x 15 ea Leg

“Work Up to 3rm Trap Bar Deadlift
*chase ALL sets with 2 Depth Jumps sticking landing for 3 seconds + Vert Jump + Broad Jump (no pause btw vert & Broad)

3 sets

x 10m Lateral Sled Pull (heavy)
x 20-25 GHDSU

100 Walking Lunges for time (6 min Cap)
x200 Banded Hamstring Curls