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Monday, May 2nd

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


A1. Back Squat x8 Reps @3011

A2. DB Bench Press x8 Reps @2011

A3. V-Ups x10-15 Reps

3 Rounds (rest :60 btw Movements)

B. EMOM for 15

Min 1-15 KBS + 5 Goblet Squat

Min 2- 30 sec of Rowing (start at 15 and end at 45)

Min 3- 6-8 Strict Pull Ups



A. Front Rack Split Squat 3×4-6 reps per leg

B1. Eccentric Strict dHSPU 3×3-5 @;5 Descent (kick down and kick back up)

B2. Single Leg Squat off Box 3×6-8 reps per leg

C. AMRAP 9min


Deadlift (185/110)….