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Monday, November 27th

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Workout of the Day


A. TAO, EMOM 8(4 Sets):

Even: 2-5/2-5 Rope Pull-Ups*
Odd: 3-5/3-5 DB Push Press**

Start both exercises with your weaker arm.
*The closer your hands grip the rope the easier the movement and vice versa.
**Think Circus Dumbell – make it real heavy!

B. 2 Sets of(8:00min):

:30s Bulgarian Split Squat L
:30s Rest
:30s KB Wind Mill L
:30s Rest
:30s Bulgarian Split Squat R
:30s Rest
:30s KB Wind Mill R
:30s Rest

KB Windmill is preferable a High-and-low Mill, but scale to your level(only low or only high). Hold 2 DBs or KBs while performing Bulgarian Split Squats.



8 SB Presses + 20m SB Front Rack Walking Lunges + 8 SB Front Squats + 20m SB Carry(Bear Hug)