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Oh! A Red WOD It Is Then…

in Fitness, Inspiration

-Our boy Rick hand standing in the distance underneath the St. Louis Arch-

Greetings fitness freaks,

I hope you all did two minutes of the couch stretch on each leg tonight as your were watching your recorded episode of dancing with the stars… I know I would have if I did 150 deadlifts today, but I didn’t. So, I will be doing them tomorrow. I have been noticing a lot of you moving with more efficiency and ease, and also picking up heavier weights… Oooh-La-Lá! Could it be a ll the mobility work we have been doing over the last month??? I think so, what do you think? Post some comments will ya? Let me know how you feel. I for one am feeling great and getting some PR’s of my own… And I am anxious to see you all get some!

I did this little concoction on Friday night. I know, I went big. Please enjoy!


5 Rounds
3 Power Cleans #225
400m Run

** We will scale accordingly.