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Powell Movement

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. 30sec Box Jump Onto 20\” Box (shooting for 15 reps) ”
30sec Step Up (easy pace)
60sec Rest
6 Sets (try to add one Box jump per set)

B. 5×10 Split Squat w/10sec Hold Last Rep
Rest 1min btw legs

C1. Powell Raise x6-8 Reps
C2. Sorenson Hold xAMRAP
3 sets


5min Foam Roll Lower Body Only
10min Row/Run/Bike

3×10 Windmill
3×10 Prone Front Raise w/10sec Hold Last Rep

4x(30sec on/30sec off) AD 550 Watts/100 Watts
:30 Transition
4x(30sec on/30sec off) Push Ups (try for 20 every set)
2x Rest 3min btw Sets

2×15-25 Hip-Back Extensions