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Relays and Ladders

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Workout of the Day:

Warm Up
7-1 Burpee Ladder
2×10 Pass Through
2×10 PVC Hang High Pull
2×10 PVC Hang Clean


A. Hang High Pull + Hang Clean 4x(2+1)

B. With a Partner
10-1 Burpee Box Jump Ladder (Partner A does 10, partner B does 10, all the way down to 1)
800m Relay Run (switch every 200m)
80 Wall Balls (switch every 10)
800m Relay Run (switch every 200m)
10-1 Burpee Slam Ball Ladder
800m Relay Run (switch every 200m)


A. Work Up to a Heavy Dead Stop Front Squat
Then: 5×2 Dead Stop Front Squat @85%

B. Condo
UB 2xKB Complex
5 Swings (eye level)
5 Cleans
5 Front Squat
5 OH Anyway
40m Sled Drive @65% BW (quick turnarounds)
3-5 Sets, Rest 2min btw Efforts