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Workout of the Day:

A. 4×4 Shoulder Press @85% 1RM
B. 12-10-8-6-4-2
“\”DB Complex\””
Renegade Rows (or Bent Over Rows)
Hang Cleans
Front Squat
Strict Press
C1. 15 UB Back Ext
C2. 15 UB ABMAT Sit Up
2-3 Sets


Warm Up
Dynamic Warm Up 15min With Endurance Drill (Matthew)

A. 6x400m Run @85% (:7-:12 Slower Than PR Pace)
B. 4x200m Run @85% (Run Faster Than 400m Pace)
C. 4x80m Shuttle (20 Out-20 Back- 20 Out- 20 Back)