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Workout of the Day:

15 min EMOM:
50m Shuttle (blue gate and back)
10 Reps Wall Balls (20#@10′, 14#@10′)

Death by Deadlift (315#, 215#, or 70% 1rm wt to get 15 UB fresh)

1 Rep the first minute, 2 the 2nd, 3 the 3rd, etc until you are unable to get the number of reps needed in that round. However, if you don’t complete at least the 10th round, then the penalty is this: take 1 minute rest, then do 70% of the highest completed round. For Example: you get to but don’t finish round 9. Take the next minute to rest, then do (8x.7=5.6 or 6 ) 6 reps for the next 3 one minute rounds. Then you are done. 🙂