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Workout of the Day:

Recovery Day

A) 30 min Warmup
10 min Mobility
10 min Dynamic Warm Up
10 min Drills

B) 20 min Jog 70-80% Pace.
Hold consistent and easy pace thru workout.


AM Session

A. Gymnastic Condo
Odd: 5 C2B + 10 Push Ups + 15 Squats
Even: 15 Burpees

2. Strength
A. Deadlift 5 Rep Heavy
B. Push Press, 5 Rep Heavy

PM Session

A) 20 min Warm Up
With mobility.

B) 3x 1 Mile Run (pace)
@ 75-80 % of Week 1 Time
Easier pace so focus on your breathing and your form. Try to keep times as consistent as possible.