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There’s this woman…

If you’ve never worked out at 10am you may have never met her. She is one of the most die-hard CrossFitters we have here at Heyday.

Her name is Paula Bills and at 66 years old, she is one of the fittest people I know.

Paula came into our gym about a year and a half ago. We’d known her before that because she was our neighbor renting the adjacent office space next to the gym. I always saw her walk to and from her office with her tiny dog always wondering how much she hated us for playing Dubstep and taking her parking spots.

She didn’t exactly strike me as someone itching to join the sweaty heathens pumping iron.

My initial impressions were laid to rest when one day she walked to the gym and said, “Ok, I want to join…. What do I do?”

Me: “Er…. come tomorrow in workout clothes.”

She wrote a check on the spot and came the next day for her first WOD.

Prior to joining Paula had spent the previous decades not exercising at all. She explained that in her youth she’d always loved exercising and lifting weights but had fallen out of it through the years.

She knew she needed to do something when her doctor told her that she needed to get her weight down from 158 to 145 and her cholesterol had reached unsettling levels.

She decided to start training at Heyday.

Me thinks it worked.

Paula went on to lose 38 pounds (and she just told me its well over 40 pounds now), ended a long list of symptoms like a constant upset stomach, slashed her cholesterol by 64 points, and no longer has to take medication for it.

After 20 Years of Not Exercising She did all this in A Year.

Let that sink in.

She did all this by following simple eating principles we showed her and training with us consistently.

As you can probably guess, Paula is older than the average CrossFitter and she is at an age where many many people decades younger than her think they’re “too old” for this. “Too old” to exercise. “Too old” to get off the couch, run, and lift weights. “Too old” to turn their health around, and feel GREAT about themselves.

They should watch this video.

Watch her story here:

Did you hear that? That was the sound of all your excuses dying a horrible death. 🙂

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Find 1RM Weighted Pullup

3 Rounds

50 DU

20 Barbell OH Lunge

10 Handstand Shoulder Taps