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Tuesday night as I stood and watched the few stragglers left from the final class of the day, I couldn’t help but think…

“How Far We’ve Come…”

I mean you. How far You’ve Come. I watched in amazement as three ladies found the energy to horse around on the pullup bars after the eight rounds of God awful workout they did.

P-nut, Sarah, and Tiffany all swinging gracefully from the silver bars as their chins swiftly rose above them. I suddenly realized, never in my life have I been in a room around that many females who could do pull ups. Then, I thought of the others ladies not present who could do the same and it’s enough to make a meat-head cry.

Why? Because All the women here doing pull ups earned it. They didn’t walk in and start plopping them out. They came early and stayed late, just as they were doing now, to get it. It was once impossible for them, but now, it’s not. sniff sniff. 😉

The same night an inspired Nicole went up to give it a try. She goes up and doesn’t quite get it. After several attempts she realized it wasn’t the night.

Tonight, it was a big day for Tara and Jillian. Two months ago we set today, the fifth of May, as the day they were gonna get their first pullup. Ok, I set the date but they agreed 🙂 and took it seriously.

These girls put in work. Every time they came in (well, almost) they stayed an extra 15-20 minutes  working on pull ups. And it shows; the back definition and strength they’ve gained makes it quite obvious.

It’s been frustrating for them because the kip just comes harder for some. So, as they went up to do their first pull up, I had my fingers crossed for them. However, we knew that it wasn’t likely. They swang. No, swung? I don’t know. But they tried, and as they pulled they came VERY close… but no cigar. Oh well. Goal of May 5th missed… but we fail forward.

Had we not set that date we can be pretty sure they would not have pursued the pull up like the resolve they have been and as a result I would easily put money on it that they will have it before May is over. So, even though we missed the target, we are further along than if we would not have bothered to shoot for anything. Whoa… someone say life lesson?? They are stronger and fitter and WILL be doing pullups.

The same goes for Nicole who is soooo close and Roxeanne, and so many other girls on the threshold of Badass-dom. (let’scall em girlillas… no?)

Btw, this isn’t just pullups, its the pursuit of everything here. Susie rowing a sub 2:00 500m after a WOD; Darin and Shelia doing handstands and tumbles; Vanessa nailing a perfect power snatch; Patti doing a perfect “superstar” (splitjerk); Mrs. Mckenna deadlifting 185lb, and countless others performing very impressive feats.

So keep on keepin on Guys and Gals.


STRETCH!!! For 30 Minutes


Practice Gymnastics

**If you are unsure of what to practice, ask Ricky or partner up with someone and do what they do.

FYI We have a water cooler Puhleasse bring re-fillable bottles from now izzle. Let’s keep the plastic we use limited to credit cards and cosmetic surgury. 🙂


  • T.Fine May 10, 2010, 4:53 pm

    How fare they’ve come…

    Confucius said, “The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” Our “Two Best Men” are the scale we measure our success by. We sweat blue and gold paint and hurt so good on a regular basis. I never thought in a million years I would be doing pull-ups, handstand push-ups, or flipping monster tires.

    They are on a constant pursuit to help us with long-term lifestyle changes, fitness goals, and a health & nutrition regimen. The ingredients to our strength include education, motivation, determination, moxie, fortitude, trust, and passion to name a few. All these qualities they instill within each client from the bottom of their low resting heart beats.

    They are constantly creating intense workouts that feel like prison sentences, and we show up everyday willing to endure the pain of pavement and beyond. There is something magical about this phenomenon that lies in Ricky and Eddie that make us come back for more.

    They were two boys with a dream- a fierce passion. One we can taste and breath each day we walk into HeyDay Elite fitness. A passion that fuels even the weak and unmotivated to their highest potential. These boys grew into the strongest men I know. From sharing a small corner of a gym and a handful of clients, to their own gym we now call home, a mass of dedicated and grateful sexy people, and lasting pride. “Making San Pedro a more beautiful place to live, one Heydayer at a time.” -Rita

    Ricky and Eddie ARE the base to our success. How far we have come is a feat for them as well. You have helped me achieve some great personal goals – I could not have done it without you! I know you were with me every, step, crawl, lunge, squat, grunt, kip, sprint of the way!

    I thank you from the bottom of my poor aching body.

  • Ricky May 11, 2010, 12:56 pm

    Whoa. Veerrry Flattered. I laughed , I cried, Eddie had to look up who Confucius was haha he was Confused haha.
    Anyway Thanks Tiff that means alot.