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Sharon Made It Out Alive

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

30min Emom
Min1- 1 Rope Climb (or 3-5 strict pull ups)
Min2- 3 Power Clean (HAP)
Min3-20m Sled Push 135/95 (scale up if these weights are easy for you)


10:00 Agility Ladder (use Rope or actual ladder)

5:00 Medicine Ball Conditioning

Obstacle Course: Go Through 3-6 Times

– Climb all the way across big rig without touching the ground, finish with rope climb (10 burpee penalty for dropping)
– Hurdles (set up 6-8 boxes, jump or climb over)
– Forwards-to-backwards roll 5 times
– Hand stand course (4 abmats, walk to abmat and lower down to headstand, kick back up and continue to next station)
* Rest 2-4 minutes between bouts

3×15 GHDSU
3×10 Hip-Back Extension