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Sled Driver

in Fat-loss, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. Warm Up With MB Core Work/Tossing 5-10 Minutes
A. Partner WOD

P1. 10 KB FSQT+30m Walk+10 KB FSQT+30m Walk

P2. Rest
Three Rounds
Teams of 4-5
2500m Row (2 people switch as needed)
Sled Drive 200/135 (until rowers are finished)
**Once rowers are finished, switch stations until the second group finishes their row.


A. Squat
Work up to a heavy 1 rep front squat.

5×2 @85%

B. Condo
Cal On Rower
KB Snatch 53/35
BJSD 24/20
OHS 95/65