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Striking a Jerk Balance

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day

A1. Face pull + Y press 2×12-15 reps
A2. Sore son hold with SA DB bench 2×8-10 reps per arm
B. Jerk recovery 3-5×3-5 reps
B2. Jerk balance 3-5×3-5 reps (light and snappy)
C. 2-3 Rounds NFT
40m sled March (light)
100m farmer carry 35/20
200m walk
2-3 rounds


A) Row 10 cal
5 Cleans (full) (155)

5 rounds

B) 50 DU
20 cal Bike

5 rounds

C) Find Heavy Jerk

7 min clock