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Teach Me How To Stevie!

in Fitness

The other day, as the songs blared from my ipod. A song came on. A song that has swept the nation.

That song is, teach me how to Dougie.

As it played Stevie, as exhausted as he was after Jackie, almost couldn’t control himself. He just moved to the center of the room and danced.

I said: Wow…..Stevie, could you teach me how to Dougie?

He said: Sure. Cuz all the girls love me! 🙂

He put his arms out front & leaned side to side, and man, I have to say, Stevie hit that Dougie right.

If you’re curious to learn this Dance watch below and take notes, so you too can Dougie. 🙂


5 Rounds
21 Overhead Squat 65/95lb
5 Chest to Bar Pullups
400 M Run