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The Beginning of The End of 2014

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. Waiters Bow 2×10 Hug #10-25 Plate (Warm up piece)

B1. RDL 10-8-6-4

B2. Strict Pull Up x8-15 Reps After Each Set of B1

C. 2-3 Sets NOT for Time:
Accumulate 60sec FLR on Rings
Accumulate 50sec Wall Sit
Accumulate 40sec Active Bar Hang
Accumulate 30sec Ring Support

(Week 1 of 6)

Perform 1 Snatch at 85% Every 2 Minutes for 6 Total Sets
** Do not re attempt failed sets. Next week you can add weight as long as you complete each set, we will be adding 5lbs a week as long as you successfully complete 5 of the 6 reps.
10K Row