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Below you’ll find a video about 2 very standout athletes in the Crossfit community.

If it doesn’t spark at least a bit of something in you, check your pulse.


4 min rest

3 min rest

2 min rest


P.S Veeery interesting article in Forbes about Crossfit. You should check it out….

I marveled at the grace, speed, and strength at which these competitors engaged their craft. They didn’t look like hulks that the average person couldn’t identify with. Instead, they looked like regular folks that just made a commitment to training. In this way, CrossFit has a transformative and inspirational vibe associated with it for both participants and spectators alike. And this vibe is more than a vibe because you can see tangible results for the people that engage in CrossFit, and that the activity is truly attainable for any person….

  • SHEILA July 21, 2010, 10:15 pm