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The Long Crawl

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

Warm Up :
2×10 PVC Clean
2×5 Pass Through
2×10 Air Squat
2x10m OH Lunge @10DB

A. x8 Hang Power Clean @70%
2:00 Row @>500m
2:00 Rest
Three Rounds

Rest 5min

x15 Back Squat #135/95
2:00 Bear Crawl @ Dont Stop
2:00 Rest

Three Rounds

Rest 5min
300sec FLR (ring)


A. Dynamic Warm Up 10 Minutes

B. 4-6x400m Run,
Rest 2 minutes btw (hold :10-:15 Seconds slower than 400m PR pace, hold splits)

-Rest 5Min-
4x200m Run
Rest 90sec btw efforts (do not go all out, 80% effort)

-Rest 5min-
Cool Down
5min Row Easy Pace
300sec FLR on Rings