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The Tail Pipe

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day:

A. Simple Abs w/Partner 3 x 45sec Each

B. Med Ball Condo w/Partner 4 x 60sec Rounds, Rest 90sec btw Efforts (lateral tossing for 45sec, chest pass for 15sec).

C.”Tail Pipe”
3 Rounds AFAP
250m Row
While partner hold two KBs in front rack position (woot ends when both partners complete each station 3 times).


A. Gymnastics

Skin The Cat 3 x 2-5 Reps
Strict Muscle Ups 3 x 2-5 Reps
Hand Stand Walk 3x Max Distance (10m Intervals. Must Turn)
* For those who cannot HSW, perform shoulder taps free standing or against a wall.

B. Conditioning
2k Row Relay
3 Person Teams (10 Hard Pulls Then Switch)

-Rest 5min-

Partner WOD (Two Person Teams)
P1: 250m Row
P2: KB Rack Hold @2×53/35 KB Until P1 Finishes Row
Complete three rounds, each partner does both movements three times.

-Rest 5min-

P1: 500m Assault Bike
P2: FLR on Rings
Complete three rounds.

-Rest 5min-

2K Row Relay
3 Person Teams, (10 Hard Pulls Then Switch)