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This Is a Test

in Fitness

Today along with all the workouts this week are going to be tests.

That means give it your best effort and plan to record them because you will be doing them again and you will be doing future workouts based on your numbers this week.

Workout of The Day:

A. DB External Rotation 3x8C/ Arm (build weight each set)

B.Close Grip Bench Press
Going for a True 1RM

C. Max Effort Strict Pull Ups
or Max Efforet Ring Rows (must be horizontal)
or Max Effort Jumping Pull Ups


A1. Rope Climbs Feet Above Hips x1-2 Reps
Rest :30
A2. Russian Dips or Wtd Ring Dips x3-8 Reps
Rest :30
A3. UB Double x50-75
6x / Rest 3 minutes btw efforts.