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Throwdowns And Cookouts

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Alright guys, so this weekend we’ve some fun in store.

This Saturday at 9am is the Paleo check-in. It’s where we can check in with you and your progress so far to make sure you’re on the right track.

Immediately following, we will be hosting some guests from Crossfit Signal Hill for some friendly workout competition. Our members can form teams to do a workout along with CF Signal Hill in what we like to call a “throwdown”.

We will also be doing regular workouts for those who don’t wish to compete.

Immediately following, will be our first Paleo cookout! I challenge you all to bring a Paleo dish to share so we can all get some new ideas for the rest of the challenge. Stephanie recommended along with your dish, having your recipe printed out to place next to it so we’ll have a layout of Paleo food we can copycat.

All are welcome to join. Bring a dish. All food must be Paleo!


21 KBS #70 #53
21 Hollow Rock
21 Push Ups
200m Run

18 KBS #70 #53
18 Hollow Rock
18 Push Ups
200m Run

15 KBS #70 #53
15 Hollow Rock
15 Push Ups
200m Run

12 KBS #70 #53
12 Hollow Rock
12 Push Ups
200m Run

9 KBS #70 #53
9 Hollow Rock
9 Push Ups
200m Run