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Tuesday, December 5th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day



Note: AM Session performs B before A.

A. SB Clean&Jerk Ladder

Line up Sandbags from light to heavy. Every 30 seconds perform 1 Clean&Jerk and move on to the next SB till you fail. Once failed try to go further up the ladder just performing cleans only.


B. Teams of 2, for time:

Move 3000/2000lbs for 20m EACH(only one working) in total with the following exercises:

Yoke Carry
SB Carry
Farmers Carry

Choose loads and order as you like, but each of you has to do each exercise at least once. 20min Time Cap(depending on group size, if all the equipment would be there for one team only try to stay below 15min)