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Tuesday, June 4th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


“A. Strict Pronated BB Row

DBL KB Front Rack Goblet (to Parallel)
5-5-5 @31X1”

“B. 4 Rounds For Time

“250m/200m Ski
15 Dbl RKBS 53/35
15 Slam Ball (Hard&Fast)
200m Run

530PM Max Effort Upper Conjugate
“2 Rounds
Bear Crawl x 20m
Plyo Clapping Push Ups off Bench x 6-8
Banded Pass Through x 10
Bar/Bench Dips x 15

“5 attempts to find 1 Rep Max Incline Bench Press

3 x 10 DB Floor Press w/60sec rest

3 x 3-5 Banded MU Transistion”

KB Clean x 10
Front Rack Carry x 50m
KB Row x 10
Farmer Carry x 50m”