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Tuesday, June 5th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


A. AMRAP 10:

10 KB Dimmel Deadlift 2×35/25
10 KB OA Bent-over Row L
10 KB OA Bent-over Row R
10m Walking Lunges(with Pec Deck)
30 KBS 53/35

B. 2 Sets of:

1:00min Sandbag Floor Presses(12+)
1:00min Rest

C. Every 2:00min for 10:00min(5 Sets):

2 (Legless) Rope Climbs
5 Broad Jumps – start with burpee at your first broad jump

D. Find your 1RM TGU L/R, always start with weaker side