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Tuesday, March 20th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


A. For time


Plank to Push-Up
Inverted Row

Between Sets perform 10m Walking Lunges. Inhale trough nose(eccentric) exhale trough mouth(concentric). Find constant pace and flow through workout.

B. 2 Sets of:

ME DB Rows in hinge position(15+) + ME DB Incline Flys(15+)

C. 1 Set of:

Cover 20m distance with heavy SB in the following pattern:

One step left, one step right, one SB Squat. Shoot for a BW SB.

D. EMOM 5(5 Sets):

5 hamstring Curls + 5 pistols or SL step up

E. Find max weight for following complex:

1 SB/BB Clean + 2 SB/BB Front Squats + 3 SB/BB Thrusters

F. 4 Rounds of(6:00min total):

:30s Passive Hang
1:00min Paleo Seat