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Wednesday, August 8th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day


A. Athletes Choice, against a 11:00min running clock:

1 Mile Run or Row

with the remainder of the time AMRAP:

SB Thrusters

B. 2 Sets of(2:30min):

:30s Hammer Curls
:30s Side Delt Raises
:30s Rest

C. 2 Sets of:

20m Harnessed Bear Crawl + 20m Zercher Yoke Carry

D. Every :45s for 3 Sets:

5 (Weighted) Ab Wheel Roll-Outs

E. SB Clean Ladder

Line up sandbags from light to heavy. Perform 3 Burpees + 1 SB Clean, starting with the lightest. Move on with this pattern and see how far you can get.