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Wednesday, March 28th

in Fitness, Workout of The Day

Workout of the Day



10 DB Alternating Renegade Rows(total)

10 DB Presses

10 DB Front Squats

Find constant pace and flow through workout. Inhale nose eccentric, exhale mouth concentric.


B. 4x:15s Work/:15s Hold(2:00min total): Pec Deck


C. 1 Set: Cover 40m UB with the following pattern:

SB Lunge L + SB Lunge R + SB Squat Shoot for 33-50% BW SB.


D. EMOM 8(4 Sets):

Even: 5 (Weighted) Ab Wheel Roll-Outs

Odd: 5 Side Delt Raises + 5 Rear Delt Raises + 5 Biceps Curls


E. Find 1RM Stone Lift or PC


F. 2 Sets of: 10 Active Straddle + :10s Hold