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Weight Crawler

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Workout of the Day

A1. Sumo Deadlift
A2. Box Jump
B. 3x10m wtd Bear Crawl (heavy as possible)
C. 3xME weighted FLR
D. 100 tuck ups for time


A. Every 2:30 for 6 sets clean and jerk 2 reps @70%+5

B. (Week 5 wendler add 5lbs to your current max)
Shoulder Press 5@65,5@75,5+@85

D. Complete the following:
Amrap 2min Cal on AD or row
-rest 2min-
Amrap 6min
3 Deadlifts (use a weight based off of last weeks efforts)
5 Pistols (each leg)
-rest 2min-
Amrap 8min
6 Box jump 40″/30″
3 Muscle Ups
-rest 2min-
Amrap 2min cal on AD or row