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What A Day!

in Fitness, Inspiration

-Rob Orlando, 2010 Crossfit Games-

Sooooo today was an awesome, awesome day!!! I wish more people had made it in. I had the greatest time coaching all who came in today. I thought it was amazing!!! All you girls and the few guys who did make it in squated, pressed and deadlifted so MUCH freaking weight today. I cannot wait to update the leader board and put in your crossfit total scores! I believe the girls top five is; Angie at 585, Alex 555, Sam 420, Rebecca 405, and Irma 360. Great job girls!


21 Anchored Weighted Sit Ups #35 # 20 (Dumbells behind head)
21 Split Jerks #95 #75
800m Run
18 Anchored Weighted Sit Ups
18 Split Jerks
800m Run
15 Anchored Weighted Sit Ups
15 Split Jerks
800m Run