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Workout of the day:

A1. Ring Row 4×10 @3011

A2. 4x:30-:60 HSH

B. 4 Rounds (deadlifts must be UB)
600m Run
15 Deadlifts

* Choose a weight that will be TOUGH for 15 reps unbroken.

** Penalty for breaking a set is 10 burpees after the WOD.

*** Rest :30 after A1 and rest :90 seconds after A2** FLRs can be substituted for beginners


4×5 Clean Grip Overhead Squat @3211
** Going for mechanics and mobility! Add load as you see fit.

Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes (10 sets)
Hi Hang snatch + Low Hang Snatch + Snatch

** You can drop the weight between each rep to reset and get into a good start position. It does not have to be done unbroken, go for accuracy. You choose load, but no missed sets!

4x1200m Row

** Must stay within +\­ :5** for every seconds you deviate is one burpees after workout is complete, this will be enforced 🙂 rest 3 minutes between sets.