The proper care and maintinence of Hands.

Monday night the gym looked like a crime scene after collectively the gym did over 2,000 pullups leaving your hands tattered and torn. I’m not surprised. As soon as I posted Murph sunday night all I could think was: There will be blood.
There was lots of pretty people with ugly hands.
I bet washing your hands over the past couple days must have yeilded some screams. I’m vewy sawwy.
Well my hands never bleed. Neither does Ed’s. Why? because I (we) never allow the grip to pinch the skin in the pull. Coincidentally, I came across an article today explaining a “hands on” approach to bloodless pullups.
Here’s the meat of it:
For training purposes when doing pull-ups, keep your metacarpals in line with your proximal phalanges; i.e., your hand bones and the first bones in your fingers. This sucks because it’s harder to do pull-ups with your center of gravity an inch lower, and it takes more finger/ forearm strength. This “training grip” eliminates tons of friction on the top inside of your palm muscles and skin, which is what causes the ubiquitous blisters there. Rock-climbing bonus: the sport can also teachScreen shot 2010-11-03 at 9.58.01 PMh you how to get yourself and your friends out of a canyon when a thunderstorm rolls in and people start getting scared.
Yup, It’s the rock climbers grip. It will strengthen your hands and keep em pretty all at the same time. Disobey at your own risk.
5 Rounds
3 Box Squats (heavyyyy)
400 M run

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