A Brother's Love

I had a fantastic day on Saturday, not only because it was a weekend and the fact that I got to play in a rugby game, but I had the opportunity to play in a rugby game WITH MY LITTLE BROTHER!!!
This is a picture of Sean and I wearing Washington State University jerseys. They needed players and I told their coach I would only play if they let my little brother play too.
Sean just turned 18 and this is a PAC 10 rugby tournament. Let’s just say Sean was a little nervous to be playing against the college boys.
I wish I would have been able to be a bystander watching this whole thing play out.
The first half my brother did not play but I did. I was crushing people, making big hits on the kick offs and passing out stiff arms like Santa Clause on Christmas. I am not trying to build myself up, but the Washington State guys were very impressed with my play. What they did not know is that they were going to be impressed with Sean’s play as well…
Now, here comes the funny part:
I came off the field and my brother cames (I swear he is my doppelganger, he is a little replica of me). It’s funny to me because as I come off the field, the intensity normally drops buttttt when my little brother came onto the field, it cranked it back up! Trading a ginger for a ginger. The coach did not think my little bro was going to be able to do what I did, but Sean quickly proved to him that he had every right to be a ginger, and he kicked butt.
Second half comes around, I am sucking wind because I was tired. We had just scored and I decided to take myself out of the game; I ran off the field, walked pass the Washington State coach and took my jersey off and gave it to Sean and Said, “your going in for me” haha! I’m sorry but this is really funny to me. The Washington State Coach just stood there and said, “well… alright, I guess he’s going in for you…” in a very snide manner. I just smiled because I know my brother and the coach very well, he doesnt. This is the great part, I knew that the coach was not going to put my little brother in because, look at him, he’s small and very unassuming at first glance, BUT if you look closely enough, he is built like a rock. So I took it upon myself to make this happen.
Sean’s first big play!
Sorry if I am loosing you, I am now picking up from where we just scored. So we just scored and I had just told Sean to go in for me. Our kicker kicked the ball, it was a high ball. One of the bigger guys from USC caught it and began to run a B-line for little Sean. I felt bad for the guy, not my brother, he was running at the wrong little guy. He ran right into Sean and Sean did what he does best, he put the dude right on his ass!!! I was jumping up and down on the sideline while the other players were like “Dangggg!!!!” It was great to watch.
I watched him make about three more big hits, then the coach asked if I would like to go back on the field and join him. I said “absolutely!” and got on the field with my little brother. We had a blast! We were like a dynamic duo. The USC team was not prepared for two crazy ass gingers coming after them at once. I found it amusing and was actually chuckling to myself as I was running around the pitch (pitch = field).
I just wanted to share that little story with you guys.
Now back to business:
For those who can do a muscle up:
5 rounds
7 muscle ups
12 deadlifts (range for the weight 250-135)
For those who cannot:
5 rounds
15 push ups
400m run
15 deadlifts

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