A Few More Weeks

The 4th of July is approaching and so is the event at the Stubhub Center. We’d love to have you join us that morning to workout and support a good cause. Again, the WOD is scalable and open to all levels.
Also, Julia Gil decided to sponsor 5 people to do the WOD! The first 5 people to enter the code JULIA will have 100% of their registration covered.
Go to: WOD for warriors 
**** Note *****
This Tuesday we will not have a 10am class because we will be attending Angie’s fathers funeral. There will only be a 7am and 9am that morning.
Workout of the Day:
Crossover Symmetry
A. Strict Press 10×10 @95/65, Rest 60sec
B. 10min Max Effort Push Up (must be perfect, modify as needed)
C. 3x
10 Cal AD Sprint, Rest 3:00

A. Squat
Back Squat 3×8 (go up in weight for each working set, maybe +5 for the last set)
B. Condo
DHSPU 8”/3” (kipping allowed)
Power Clean Adv:225/145 Int:185/125 Beg: 135/95

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