A Monumental Day: It's Someones Bday!! Happy *Sweet* 17 Stevie Boy!

This post is for none other to wish a happy birthday to a young stud., Stevie Bozan, you turn 17 which means you can watch rated R movies… and that’s about it. Woo Hoo!
We usually do a birthday WOD but Stevie is not coming to Heyday today you guys have been spared…
Happy bday Stevie. If you’re this studly at 17 can’t wait to see you in a year. Have fun today and don’t come to the gym unless you want 17 birthday pinches!
Partner Up
5 Rounds
50m Farmers Walk each round weight carried must increase
15 Hammer Strikes
10 Burpees
**Both partners must complete 5 rounds/One partner works at a time/That means you get a tid bit rest each round depending on how fast your partner is 🙂
***I will give you the details for this concoction tomorrow when you come in

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