Ahh New Life

-Harry looking as handsome as ever-
So, this Saturday there is a crossfit expo down in Costa Mesa. We were thinking of  canceling the 10AM workout on Saturday and carpooling down there for the day to do a workout there, drink some beer, buy cool crossfit stuff, and have fun together as a gym. Please post comments or talk to us at the gym if you would like to go. Rick and I are going for sure.
I thought this was really cool today, there were two classes today that when we did the deadlifts all the weight we have in the gym were on your bars. What does this mean you ask? Why is so COOL?  Well, I will tell you, you guys are getting friggin strong! Thats what it means… And I also need to buy more weight. 🙂
Props for the day:
Go to Irma and Rebecca who were the only two to do the prescribed wight for the women, which happened to be 155lbs! Woot woot
And I liked seeing the big improvement across the board on everyones handstand push ups, Kudos to the gym!
Run 1 Mile as your warm up (you can run the big J twice or do 4x400m, or run to the baseball field and back on Harbor Dr)
5 Rounds
AMRAP in 3min
2 High Box Jumps (maybe 5-10 inches under you max)
3 Ball Slams
5 Toes to Bar
Rest 90sec between rounds