And Yet Another One Gets Her Chin Over The Bar

Something awesome happened last week, actually two awesome things happened! Roxanne and Nicole both got their first pull up!!!
Here is the story behind Roxannes pull up:
Monday: Roxy comes in and says she want to get her pull up before she goes to the Dominican Republic. She says Friday is the day she is going to do it. So she puts a plan together “Eddie, Monday and Tuesday I will use the Red Band and Wednesday and Thursday I will use the purple band” she said.
Tuesday: I was not at the gym.
Wednesday: Knocks the WOD out and practices her pull up with the Purple Band.
Thursday: I was not in the gym.
Friday: Roxanne comes in… Owns the WOD and then approaches the pull up bar. And Fails. Tells me she cant get it so I tell her to do a few with the purple band and then try again. So she does. Then Fails again! I give her the old Eddie Mckenna pep talk and tell her that the purple band is just a mind f*** and that it really is not helping her. Its a placebo to make you girls think you need it when you really dont. So with all this said she chalks her hands up, jumps up to the bar and to no ones surprise, she NAILS it!!!! Roxanne is the first person that I know of that called out the day they would do their first pull up. Truly amazing Roxanne! You have come a long way since your first day with Rick and I and we are so very proud of YOU!
Tabata WTF
Pull Ups
Box Jump
Hammer Strike

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