Are you tough enough to Paleo?

If you were not on our 30 day paleo we will be starting it again November 1st. So get in all the alcohol you can drink and all the cookies you can bake. Come November 1st those of you who do choose to change you life for the better will only be eating clean fresh power food. No more CRAP! What is the hardest thing for you to give up? For me it is candy….oh boy I love candy… I have an unopened package of chewy sprees, which are my fave, in the glove compartment of my jeep. And every day I get into it they are quietly whispering my name saying, “eddie come eat me I am so chewy and delicious, you know you want me.” Thats what I have to listen to every day I drive my jeep. The only reason I dont take them out, first of all because if I do throw them out I will just buy another one. I dont take them out because I want to be able to say “no” to them when they are in my face. It makes me feel better not eating them and being able to resist. I went to New York this past week, as you all know, and I ate like CRAP and I loved it! For five days straight I ate and drank everything in my path and I actually enjoyed it. For those of who do not know I just got off my 30 Day paleo challenge and I needed a little taste of the bad stuff to let me truely understand how much I loved the good stuff. After five days of eating bad I am ready to convert back to paleo. Not super strict paleo but a little modified version. I love sweet potatoes and black beans from el pollo loco, I absolutley love them, and paleo says you can cant eat them but I say screw you and I am going to eat them anyways. I know plaeo is super strict but I figure after following it to the T for thrity days I deserve to do a little modification. So if any of you actually read this post feel free to shoot ricky or I any question you have about paleo and we will help along the way. Please use the site to address questions that way if someone else has the same question we can answer it easier. Thanks for listening to me ramble I got a little carried away. Night!
4 Rounds
Walking Lunges 50m
50 Sit Ups anchored

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