August Ends… and So Does Summer

September will be here this week and summer will officially be over.
This is about the time many people scale back the level of exercise and sound eating habits. Time to hit the books, no time to think about eating right. Besides, it’s not bathing-suit-beach weather, so, who cares?
If you have found yourself in the past to have a tendency towards weight gain in the colder months, than unless you’re a Kodiak slated for hibernation, I challenge you to make it to spring in the same shape you’re in now. Yup, make it to the new year’s ball drop without a weight-loss resolution.
I’m asking you to stay fit, and even get fitter so the new year isn’t a race to recapture yesteryear’s bathing-suit-shape by summer. Agreed?
Wouldn’t it be great to know that under your multi-colored holiday sweater lurks a firm/chiseled/situation-like midline? I thought so.
And to assist you in the lofty task of staying tip-top all year long, we are going to be slanging Protein Powder and Psyllium Husk at the gym, and in my trunk so you can easily meet your Protein and Fiber requirements. 🙂
Great! Monday kicks off with an onslaught for nearly every part of your body. So… Enjoy! Happy Fall Everybody!
MAX Reps Of:
Kbell swings
Air Squats
Double Unders
Box Jumps
Handstand push ups
(Perform each separately, doing repetitions until failure or until form is no longer acceptable)
Rest as needed. You have 2 attempts at each if you must, but I wouldn’t advise it.


I spoke to Tara and she told me that she loves and misses everyone at Heyday. She will be with her family for the time being but sends her love. We Miss Her.
She also gave me this site for those who wish to contact her and stay up to date with her and her family.

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