Austin Keeps Moving

Austin has pretty miserable weather. I have a whole new appreciation for Cali being here. I rowed 1000 meters five times outside with Crossfit Central. It was 99 degrees of dry-miserable-heat today.
Despite the weather, I have never seen so many people running along the side of the road in my life. Not even here. I passed Lake Austin and it was lively with rowers and stand up paddlers.
For some reason, Austin is incredibly enamored with fitness they are always outside doing something. It shows in the crossfit gyms too. Crossfit Central has over 20 athletes going to compete in the regionals, including 2 affiliate teams. Yes, two. I got to workout with most of them today. It’s pretty awesome to see.
I’ve noticed so many of the Austin people diligently build activity and exercise into their lives. I’ve noticed many of you are doing the same. I can only say that you gotta keep it up. People here look and feel great and if you keep consistent you will too.
I’ll leave with what a competing crossfitter said today.
Practice like you play.
In other words, do your WODs like it was game-day. Go hard always.
NOTE** Saturday class IS cancelled.
Optional WOD: Paseo Del Mar 5k.
Sign up on the Saturday board this week. Rex’s after of course.
Amrap 15
100m Run
12 Dumbell Split Jerks
20 Hand Release Pushups