Back in Business

We had to close Tuesday night because it became apparent that the air was unsafe. At the moment the air has been cleared so we are back on!
Workout of the Day:
Row 1000m
75 Single Unders
25 Over the Box Jumps
4×5 Clean Grip Overhead Squat @3211
** Going for mechanics and mobility! Should be heavier than we did on 8/18/2014
Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes (10 sets)
Hi Hang Snatch + Low Hang Snatch + Snatch
** You can drop the weight between each rep to reset and get into a good start position. It does not have to be done unbroken, go for accuracy. You choose load, but no missed sets!
10 Minute Row: Holding the same split time for the entire 10 minutes.
Min 0-2 Hold 24 Strokes per Minute
Min 3-5 Hold 26 Strokes per Minute
Min 6-8 Hold 28 Strokes per Minute
Min 9-10 Hold 30 Strokes per Minute
**Use your averge 2K row pace.

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