Barefoot Running Academy and Thanksgiving Schedule

About 4 Years ago, I read a book called Born To Run. It detailed a man who studied a rural Mexican tribe of runners. Runners who would show up to American races… barefoot, and won. The book details the forgotten art of barefoot running that has enabled tribes like the Rarumari to run vast distances that make a marathon look like a warmup.
The book has gained enormous popularity and as such so have Vibrams and Innov8 shoes that are designed to simulate a barefoot.
The only problem is, that barefoot running is a skill. We’ve been conditioned to “heel strike” running when proper form shifts the stride to the front of the foot. This means that the rise in barefoot running has meant a rise in injury because barefoot style running, while better for your body, still has to be learned. Good shoes do not correct bad form.
The problem is that 80% of runners suffer from injury every year. The human foot is a masterpiece, but we have forgotten how to use it. Running barefoot is a skill; once mastered, it will allow anyone to realize the joy of running efficiently and injury free.
I was trained by an NFL strength coach in the art of barefoot running and it has prevented the problems associated with “heel strike” running.
Well, the same NFL coach has decided to hold a running clinic at Heyday to help anyone interested in learning proper running form.
On December 3rd we will be holding the running clinic that will analyze your running technique and throughout the course of the seminar you will undo years of improper running form.
The seminar will be $15 for Heyday members, $25 for anyone else who wants to participate and have him analyze your running form.
We will have 20 spots open. Sign ups will be at the gym.
Thanksgiving – Closed
Black Friday – 10:00am only (all other classes canceled)
Saturday – 10:00am as usual
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