Be A Hero: Run In The Port Town Throwdown

In case you have not heard, we are organizing an enormous fundraising effort for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
The event will be a 5k run for which all proceeds will benefit the LLS.
The 5k will be followed by a CrossFit Competition between Heyday and several other CrossFit gyms. It will be an event in which we (the CrossFit gyms) select 1 team of 4 people (possibly 2 teams) to represent us in the competition.
For Heyday, it will be based largely on how you did in the CrossFit Games open these past 5 weeks.
We encourage everyone to come run the 5k and at the very least donate and spectate!
This is also a drive to get the fittest members of society (that’s us, duh!) to place ourselves on the Bone Marrow Registry.
At the event we will have booths at which you will undergo the painful process of swiping your cheek with a Q-tip. Kidding there is absolutely no pain (or obligation) involved in entering the Bone Marrow Registry.
We will have a woman named Gina Cousineau, who lost her son to Leukemia, at the event to do the swabbing (she will need 3 volunteers by the way *hint hint*).

More details on that later.
Also keep a lookout for the next issue of San Pedro Today, where I discuss the event and why you should do it!
Also, we have a Fundraising Goal of $10,000 and I know this amazing community of people can hit that out of the park.
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Find 1RM Hang Snatch
Box Jump #24/#20
Weighted Push Up #45/#35
Rest 2 minutes
Box Jump #24/#20
Weighted Push Up #45/#35
* 10 minute Cap on Workout.