Bianca Stepping it up

Workout of the Day
3 sets not for time (15min cap):
Weighted plank 60-90 seconds
Rest :30
Supinated strict chin up x5-10
Rest :30
Seated Box jump x10
Rest :30
**make sure palms are facing you while doing chin ups, use weight if possible. Try and add weight to your plank from last week. Focus on perfect form while performing the box jumps, quiet landings and knees tucking towards chest. Heels should not go towards butt.
In pairs of two, complete 5 rounds each with a continuously running clock:
Person A. Has 2:00 to complete a 400m run and then complete as many hand release push ups as possible.
Person B. will be counting reps for teammate one until it is their turn and partners alternate.
*If your 400m run one is over two minutes, modify the run so you have time to complete a minimum of 10 push ups each set.

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