Bon Voyage To a Beloved HeyDayer!!

-Stephanie and Tara strutting their stuff at a beach get together-
Future Dr. Stramotas (AKA Stephanie) is leaving to go back to school but don’t worry, she will be back for winter and summer sessions. 🙂
In a short two months Stephanie has turned into and awesome athlete. The other week, during the shoulder press, push press and push jerk WOD, Stephanie ended up getting the weight of the day! She push jerked 100lbs!!! Two months ago she could not do that and now she is putting up the most weight in the gym. Rick and I are very proud of her and I think I can speak for everyone in the gym when I say she will be missed.
She will be joining another crossfit gym when she moves back up to Cal and I am sure she will represent HeyDay well.  Oh, and way to go on losing 9lbs girl!!
Crossfit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Shoulder Press
1RM Deadlift
***Add up the weight of each lift for a total score. You only have three attempts to find your max.