Bring a Buddy Month is Back

Bring a Buddy Month is Back!
Every Wednesday and Friday for the entire month of August you can Bring a Buddy to any class.
We’ve assigned special days because it helps keep a better flow of the workouts.
But that’s not all… We decided to make it a game. When you bring someone you get to rack up points. Points that go towards a gift card to some really cool places at the end of the month.
BUT in order to gain points, any buddy you bring must…
-Live within 10 miles of Heyday.
-Have never worked out with us before.
Feel free to invite whomever you’ve been nagging to try Heyday. Just make sure to RSVP 24 hours before by emailing
So here’s how the game goes for each unique person you bring, you earn prizes. The more buddies you get to come do a WOD with you, the more points towards gift cards.
Here’s the breakdown:
Bring 1-2 friends in during the month and:
– Receive $25 to Chipotle or Starbucks
Bring 3-4 friends in during the month and:
– Receive $50 to Target, AMC or Trader Joe’s
Bring 5 friends in during the month and:
– Receive $75 to Reebok or Lululemon
Bring 6 or more friends and:
– Receive $100 to any one of the stores listed above.
But beyond these shameless bribes there is  also an altruistic element…
Every buddy you bring we will donate $25 to help Rylee. Rylee is Nicole Wells’ (one of our members) 4 year old niece who is battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Nicole and her family have been tirelessly fundraising to help aid Rylee’s battle so we decided to tie that in to our buddy month (PS on September 12th we will be having a special fundraising workout for Riley more details on that later).
Again, just be sure to RSVP at least 24hr. in advance to
All guests welcome as of Wednesday, Aug. 5th.
Of course, this is all a shameless ploy to get new faces to try our program.
We feel that what we do, while it isn’t for everyone, it’s EXACTLY the thing certain people need to stay on track.
All they need to do is try it to see if it’s a good fit for them.
This is just a way to ethically bribe you to help us find the people for whom Heyday can really help get in shape. Awesome committed people like you. 🙂
Have fun with it! I know we will.
Workout of the Day:
A. 20 min Warmup/Skills and Drills
B. 8x200m Run Holding a Max :3 Sec Differential
2:00 Rest
C. 3×20 Deadlift @30% 1RM

Week 2
A. 20 Min Warm Up
B. 4-6x 400m Run (goal is to hold times within 3 seconds of each other. Over 5 sec on 4th or 5th set cut off workout)
2 Min Rest
C. Supplemental
3×20 Deadlift @30%1RM
300 Sec Farmer Hold

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