Burn The Fat, Clothe the Needy

* 25 Days *
That’s how many days are left in the year. We are down to the final 2 weeks of the challenge! Exciting. I think it’s a good time to start reflecting on the year and thinking about what you hope to get out of the New Year.
I know we’re doing a lot of that here. Lots of exciting things in the works for Heyday.
Which reminds me, since many of you have literally shrunk out of your clothes, pants are falling off and the shirts and blouses are just too big to show off your rockin physique, I have the perfect solution. Donate.
This Christmas we are partnering with an organization to help clothe South Bay families coming on hard times. For the entire month ’till the end of Christmas, we are going to have a clothing drive so all of those ill-fitting clothes you need to get rid of can be used to help someone in need. This will culminate with a Christmas End-of-Paleo celebration.
Gather the duds and donate by bring anything you have to the gym. Ho ho ho.
(P.S if you leave clothes at the gym and you don’t take it home, it’s getting donated. 😉 )
Skill Practice: Handstands and Kipping Pull Ups
10 Box Jumps
10 Kbell Swings
200m Run

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