Can You Tell What Vanessa is Missing in This Picture???

Well if you have not noticed take another look… Vanessa lost 11.5 Pounds this MONTH!!! Congratulations Vanessa your hard work has paid off! Way to stick with Paleo.
If any of you were skeptic about Paleo talk to any of these people:
– Vanessa
– My sister Rita
– Sheila
– Tim
– Squish
– Nicole
– Tiffany
All these people have lost a significant amount of weight this past month due to there commitment to their training and eating. Way to go guys!!! If we are noticing it at the gym, I am certain other people involved in your lives are noticing it too…
Please share some comments about what people have been saying.
Have you recruited anyone to Paleo this month???
Get ready for our next challenge, it will be taking place in March.
I will announce the winners of the Paleo and FGB challenge on Friday, the New year is off to a great start!
5 Rounds
1 Grinder 25m
30 Push ups
30 KBS

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